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MetaMine: The Ultimate Metaverse Gathering for Brands and Players

Welcome to the ultimate gathering of the Metaverse — The MetaMine Event! This revolutionary event connects players and brands in a unique and immersive way. Organized by MetaLiveStudio and MetaDoge and presented in partnership with Metaiu, jam-packed MetaMine is set to run for 30 days starting today, April 7th in Decentraland at the MetaGamiMall venue (146;60).

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to connect with brands, immerse yourself in the Metaverse in a fun and entertaining way, and chase some rewards. If you’re looking for fun activities and exciting raffles, the MetaMine Event is the place to be. Each brand will offer wearable and some of them have an additional utility that comes with a claimed reward. Participants have the opportunity to chase gifts including 4 Mythic, 9 Legendary, and other exceptional items up for grabs. In order to obtain prizes, guests need to collect coins and exchange them for rewards.

Season 1 of MetaMine welcomed brands including Coca-cola, Decentral Games, Metapolyorg and etc with an average of 500 daily users and a total of 30,000 person visits over two weeks. During this time, a range of engaging games was played, and lively events were held, attracting a lot of enthusiastic attendees. Season 2 promises to be even bigger and better, uniting 23 brands, including both Web2 and Web3 companies. With participation from different brands, visitors have a chance to learn more about the offers brands are providing for them. Even though the event has started less than hour ago, the early buzz is already building up. According to the latest update, Metamine is in second place in terms of visitors, and we can expect to see more attendees flocking in as the event progresses.

MetaMine is proud to welcome an incredible lineup of unique brands, including Decentral games, Coca-Cola, Polygonal Mind, MUA DAO, and CryptoSlot. But that’s not all, we’ve also got some hidden gems lined up for you, such as Meama, a revolutionary coffee capsule producer brand based in Tbilisi, Georgia, and Sensorium Galaxy, an AI-driven metaverse that is shaping the future of entertainment. Sensorium Galaxy will be entering Decentraland to bring you some of the most talented musical entertainment you’ve ever experienced — Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey where two virtual worlds collide, and the magic of music comes to life in a whole new dimension!

The MetaMine Event presents an unparalleled chance for brands to shine, and as a trusted partner of @MetaGamiMall and a pioneering force in Web3 marketing, MetaViu is at the forefront of helping brands forge genuine connections with visitors, curating bespoken experiences and ensuring authenticity and relevance in a rapidly evolving marketing landscape. MetaViu offers a diverse array of advertising services, ranging from in-game ads and customized wearables to social media promotion, billboards, and brand ambassadors.

Follow @meta_viu and @MetaGamiMall on Twitter to stay updated on the latest news and information about the MetaMine event.

See you at Decentraland — https://places.decentraland.org/place/?position=147.63


April 7, 2023


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