Dive into the exciting world of the Metaverse with Us!

Discover a new dimension of marketing with MetaViu, an all-in-one Web3 platform creating captivating brand experiences in the virtual worlds. 

Our Mission

Metaviu is here to help your brand take advantage of the Metaverse - an unexplored channel for advertising that breaks free from traditional marketing restraints. 

We empower your brand to revolutionize user experiences on the Web3 horizon. Our blend of strategy, seamless onboarding, creativity, and technology with the team of experts will push the limits of what's possible in Web3 to wow your audience with unforgettable journeys.

Our Story

In 2018, we set out with a bold vision: to unleash Web3's boundless possibilities for brands. Thus, MetaViu was born - a groundbreaking Metaverse advertising software that empowers venue owners, game developers, and landowners to monetize their virtual space while helping brands expand their reach on the new horizon.

Our Journey started as WiFisher, a WiFi Marketing software for venue owners and advertisers wishing to advertise at different platforms. Through WiFisher, we've worked with many traditional businesses, helping them acknowledge their customers' psychology and analyze their behavior while assisting advertisers in designing creative WiFi ad campaigns and payment services.

But as we delved deeper into technology, we uncovered a dazzling opportunity in the Metaverse, bringing our Web2 experience to this diverse industry. And so, we evolved into MetaViu - a dynamic platform that has already ignited over 100+ cutting-edge Web3 projects, spanning 200+ platforms and partnering with 40+ pioneering Web3 companies.

With a decade of experience in Web2 and over 3+ years in Web3 marketing, we've become the trailblazers of Metaverse advertising.

Our team of 30+ visionaries with backgrounds in sales, marketing, IT management, and R&D shares an unwavering passion for pushing the limits of technology, propelling us to the forefront of the Web3 universe. 

Get ready to dive into the Metaverse. Let's make waves together!

Meet The Team

Co-Founder and CEO

With 10+ years of experience in advertising and co-founding 4 successful tech startups, Nodo is now focused on bringing his expertise and connections to the forefront of metaverse advertising. His innovative approach and industry insights make him an invaluable member of the MetaViu team.


Vakho is a seasoned software and Blockchain developer, technology visionary, and creative problem solver. With over a decade of experience, he's built core backend systems for companies across the US and Europe and is a true gem for MetaViu.

Co-founder and Chairman

David is a seasoned entrepreneur with 6 tech startups under his belt in just a decade. As an active member of the Ethereum community and the leader of the Digital Landowners Society (DLS), David is passionate about Web3 and blockchain and helps others succeed in the digital land ownership world.

Head of Partnerships

George is the mastermind behind MetaViu's partnerships. With 5+ years of marketing and sales experience, George's expertise in building and nurturing relationships has been instrumental in driving our growth and success and maintaining strong relationships with our partners.

Marketing Lead

With 4+ years of diverse experience in industries ranging from marketing and telecommunications to banking and construction, Tina brings a unique perspective to our team. As our Marketing Lead, Tina executes effective marketing strategies to boost brand recognition and increase customer engagement.

Head of Communications

George, our valued team member, has over 6 years of communications experience and has been a vital part of Metaviu. His invaluable contributions in maintaining strong partner relationships have fostered mutually beneficial partnerships that have helped us achieve our goals and grow our business.

Marketing Advisor

Daniel Barry is our Marketing Advisor with a focus on advancing accessibility, interoperability, and scalability of Web3, AI, and Metaverse. He is also the founder of Web3 Marketing Network, BCAIV (BlockChain & AI Ventures), and has worked on several successful Web3 marketing startups. With a vast experience in the industry, Daniel is a valuable asset to our team.

Tech Advisor

Carl is a tech industry veteran with 30+ years of experience in technical and technology management, where he excels in building and leading high-performing teams in both startup and larger company environments. As a Decentraland Strategic Advisor, CEO of Applied Talent, and the founder of the Decentraland Conference Center, Carl is a precious member of the MetaViu team.


What is MetaViu & Genesis Collection?

MetaViu is an Advertising Marketplace in Metaverses. Our platform enables you to get brands to advertise on your land and retain most of the revenue generated through ads. MetaViu Genesis is a 3D NFT Billboard collection that will be available to mint by the end of July 2022. These NFTs can be placed on your virtual land and run ads.

What do I get by minting MetaViu Genesis Collection?

After minting, the NFT billboard will be revealed to you. You will receive 1 out of 3 types of NFT Billboards, assigned by a randomized algorithm. You can then place the billboard on your land and make them available for advertisers through our platform. This is a one-time collection, and will consist of 7777 NFTs. It is an extremely limited NFT supply of MetaViu Native billboards. Native NFT holders enjoy more benefits than third-party advertising objects on our platform

What kind of billboards will there be?

Billboards come in three shapes: Double, Triple & Quadruple.

•Double billboard: two sides to display content
•Triple billboard: three sides to display content
•Quadruple: four sides to display contentThe more sides to a billboard the more effective advertising, and consequently, the demand from the advertiser’s side.

Each of them have different monetization models.

Since MetaViu is an Advertising Platform, users can connect their own billboards or other advertising objects and get 85% of the total ad revenue from them.

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How many billboards can I mint?

You can mint up to 50 NFTs with your MetaMask wallet.

Where can I mint billboards?

You can mint them here ->METAVIU.IO once the minting period has started

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