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What is MetaViu & Genesis Collection?

MetaViu is an Advertising Marketplace in Metaverses. Our platform enables you to get brands to advertise on your land and retain most of the revenue generated through ads. MetaViu Genesis is a 3D NFT Billboard collection that will be available to mint by the end of July 2022. These NFTs can be placed on your virtual land and run ads.

What do I get by minting MetaViu Genesis Collection?

After minting, the NFT billboard will be revealed to you. You will receive 1 out of 3 types of NFT Billboards, assigned by a randomized algorithm. You can then place the billboard on your land and make them available for advertisers through our platform. This is a one-time collection, and will consist of 7777 NFTs. It is an extremely limited NFT supply of MetaViu Native billboards. Native NFT holders enjoy more benefits than third-party advertising objects on our platform

What kind of billboards will there be?

Billboards come in three shapes: Double, Triple & Quadruple.

•Double billboard: two sides to display content
•Triple billboard: three sides to display content
•Quadruple: four sides to display contentThe more sides to a billboard the more effective advertising, and consequently, the demand from the advertiser’s side.

Each of them have different monetization models.

Since MetaViu is an Advertising Platform, users can connect their own billboards or other advertising objects and get 85% of the total ad revenue from them.

Should I tell my parents I'm adpoted? I'm nervous

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How many billboards can I mint?

You can mint up to 50 NFTs with your MetaMask wallet.

Where can I mint billboards?

You can mint them here ->METAVIU.IO once the minting period has started