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How Agencies are Scaling Offers with MetaViu’s In-Game Experiences

Marketing and Creative agencies around the world are actively looking to diversify their offerings to brands, searching for new advertising channels and cost-effective strategies. But charting a new path is never easy, especially in an ad-saturated world where consumers are constantly overflowed with campaign messaging.

Over the years working with international agencies, our team has amassed an experience in agency-brand campaign activations, which is backed by numerous use cases with local and international corporations.

In this blog entry, we want to lay out what exactly it is we do for our partner agencies, how we assist them in experience building and why this can enhance your offerings to better reach and convert brands.

  • Assisting Agencies be Better Prepared

Our experienced team at MetaViu specializes in creating engaging and experiential venues across a wide range of Metaverse and Gaming platforms. These platforms can be as big as Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, Sandbox or Decentraland, or they can be niche platforms such as NeosVR, Spatial, Sensorium Galaxy and others. Each of these worlds is unique and diverse in their own way, each gathering a dedicated community. 

Our specialists continuously roam these worlds, forging connections with the community, citizens and creators.

This space is still in its first innings, and everything works differently than that of the traditional advertising landscape. Our main aim is to spread the word of this revolution, engage with brands and explain why we think this is where the future lies.

Our experts regularly conduct informative training sessions with agency teams, going through all the intricacies of this ecosystem in great detail. We do this in order to equip agency professionals with all the tools they need to better reach and launch campaigns that organically fit the audiences in this space.

Showasis on Roblox
  • Experiences Marketplace

We are firm believers in the creator economy, hence, we seek out individuals and gaming studios which build in these worlds. The In-Game scene is as diverse as the imaginations of the creators it hosts. Through the years of exposure to the ecosystem, we’ve built positive and fruitful partnerships with a multitude of platforms and builders. Our game builders enable us to have a very diversified portfolio of experiences, allowing for a great range of choices.

To simplify things further, last year we launched the beta version of our Experiences Marketplace. It aggregates the most engaging experiences/games in the Metaverse and In-Game advertising world, gathering them in one, easy-to-use platform. These venues are unique in their nature, but general enough to allow great customization for brands.

Venues like Showasis or Lava Death Run allow targeted campaigns that perfectly align with your brand vibe and character.

Coca-Cola’s Christmas activation at Decentraland’s MetaMine was one of our most successful campaigns we’ve ever done. It perfectly captured the famous Christmas feel of Coke’s campaign, while also allowing great customization, raffles and custom wearable jump sweaters (UGC).

MetaMine also hosted international coffee powerhouse Meama Coffee’s inaugural Metaverse event in Decentraland. Coffee capsules and wearable coffee cups were raffled, engaging the citizens of Decentraland into an unforgettable and fun experience.

There are many more experiences in our marketplace, be it in Sandbox, Roblox, Fortnite or any other platform, fit for every taste and brand.

  • Cost-effectiveness & Flexible Budgeting

Among the biggest benefits for agencies partnering with MetaViu is the understanding our experts have of business and what are the relief-points we can offer to our clientele. 

We know that agency professionals shouldn’t spend time roaming various gaming platforms looking for a great fit for their client. It’s costly and ineffective, when considering the sheer number of experiences out there.

Our dedicated team of professionals continuously explore these worlds to find the best and matching experiences for various categories. We aggregate and report these insights to our partner agencies, so they always have something to fit their clients of any industry.

The diverse landscape of experiences also allows for significant flexibility in budgeting, you can find high-end experiences which allow the most customization and innovation for brands. However, we know not all brands want to go all-in into virtual, some just want to test the waters and see how it works. The variety of experiences allows for activations in all sizes, which agencies leverage in their offerings to a range of brands.

Lava Death Run on Fortnite
  • Workflow

The team here at the MetaViu HQ is packed with professionals experienced working for agencies, so we understand how important it is to leave a great impression on your client. For this reason, we offer complete customization and flexibility for our partner agencies in the working process. 

We want to support your creative imaginations with our industry knowledge to create the most unforgettable in-game experiences out there. We thrive when working in harmony with agency professionals, bringing their ideas to life in the virtual world.

Our workflow methodology entails consultation sessions with agencies, briefing sessions, creative sessions, assistance on the art side, building the project from scratch and going through processes together, aiding our partner agencies in delivering award-worthy activations.

We are always open to new partnership opportunities, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Daddy Phill

February 6, 2024


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