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MetaViu Creates White Labeled Games for Brands in the Metaverse with Stadio Plus

MetaViu has been pioneering Metaverse advertising for years now, onboarding international brands to virtual world marketing. Now, in partnership with Stadio Plus, a famous Metaverse building studio, they have innovated yet again to create the latest product - White Labeled Games for Brands willing to step into the Metaverse.

Let’s go through what this means:

MetaViu, most known for their hub of Metaverse Experiences Marketplace, spent years aggregating virtual experiences from all leading social gaming platforms such as Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Decentraland, Sandbox.. You name it. They’ve been developing their marketplace to onboard brands since the early innings of Web3. 

MetaViu’s client list includes huge international powerhouses like Coca-Cola or Meama Coffee, so It is no wonder their team is packed with highly experienced professionals. Most Decentraland citizens remember the Coca-Cola Christmas event welcoming everyone in a warm celebration of 2023 or the unforgettable raffles and parties at the Meama opening of MetaMine.

These experiences introduced a new standard on what brands can do in virtual spaces. MetaMine was completely re-arranged around Coca-Cola’s brand, themes, imagery and even music.

This year, MetaViu set out to do something even bigger and they reached out for this unique partnership with Stadio Plus.

This Spanish studio is hailed around the world and in the Metaverse for constructing unforgettable scenes and experiences in virtual worlds. They are incredibly adept at mapping and building out meaningful but on-point venues for brands. Among their most famous constructions being LaLigaLand in Decentraland, a huge LALIGA EA SPORTS space in the Web3 metaverse, Decentraland, one of the most popular in the world and with the largest and most active community. Stadio Plus is often building in the leading world of Fortnite, and this was precisely what drove MetaViu to approach them.

What are White Labeled Games

Similar to social media platforms, Metaverse platforms offer users the option to create their own venues and experiences in their creative spaces. Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Decentraland and others platforms all support the creator economy, giving users the ability to independently grow their space.

MetaViu aggregates these experiences in their Metaverse Experiences Marketplace for brands to easily enter the realm of virtual world advertising, without the hassle of getting to know these worlds separately and mastering the tech.

However, sometimes these experiences and venues might not be ideal for the brand, or they (brand managers) may want something specific, to own a place made specifically for them. 

But these types of construction projects require immense budgets and time to build, as everything needs to be created from scratch.

This is why in partnership with Stadio Plus, MetaViu decided to create a set of venues and experiences, specifically designed for brands wanting to set a mark in virtual worlds. Unlike just plain advertising, the experiences in question offer COMPLETE customization and full ownership to brands.

These venues offer a variety of things, from UGC items to wearables, as well as diverse spaces and activity possibilities. It really is a playground for brand & marketing managers.

“If you can think it, we can build it,” says Nodo, the founder of MetaViu.

Instead of investing millions to create experiences from scratch and getting to know the culture, technology, and a variety of worlds, brands can now use MetaViu's expertise to construct their own world within these Metaverses for a fraction of the price. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

One of their first experiences is called The Floor is Lava, built entirely for brands in Fortnite.

MetaViu has spent years honing their skills building in the Metaverse. Starting with Decentraland’s Landowners, growing to encompass all leading and niche virtual worlds, they’ve been around from back when there were no brands in these spaces at all.

Nodo, the founder of MetaViu, shares with us that they've been seeing the value in entering these spaces for a long time.

“It was very difficult to explain the value of something that people can't touch or imagine, especially in the early days when there weren't many brands in the space. Now almost every major brand has entered this race, so you can easily find an example from your own industry”.

Daddy Phill

February 16, 2024


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