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A Match Made in the Metaverse: MetaViu and Meama Coffee Join Forces!

We teamed up with Meama, a Georgian coffee-capsule-producing company to create a digital experience in the Metaverse. In this blog post, we talk about the nature of our collaboration and why it is crucial and beneficial for physical brands to enter Web3.

Who are MetaViu and Meama Coffee?

MetaViu is a leading Web3 360 Marketing Hub that specializes in crafting distinctive and immersive digital experiences for businesses. Meama, on the other hand, is a physical coffee powerhouse, brewing and packaging coffee capsules in the Caucasus mountains. By partenring with over 710 companies, 430 offices, and 280 horecas, Meama became a leading coffee capsule producer in Georgia that plans to expand its business abroad. Being an innovative company and always pushing its technological limits, the team saw the opportunity to create a matchless experience in Web3.


As a company that specializes in creating an extraordinary virtual adventure and onboarding Web2 brands in the digital dimension, we are excited to partner with Meama and work closely together to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. We are creating a virtual experience for Meama in Decentraland’s Metaverse at MetaMine Event, giving the share of our expertise to revolutionize businesses' engagement. As an innovative and adventurous brand, Meama broke all frames at once and entered the digital world. In the metaverse the goal for Meama as a technological and innovative brand is to leverage the unique opportunities offered by the digital realm, to create tangible experiences and expand their brand reach.  


The MetaMine Event: Kicking Off a Game-Changing Partnership

Our Partnership with Meama began with the MetaMine Event, Co-hosted by Meta Live Studio, which kicked off on April 7th in Decentraland. The event is interactive and involves 23 Web2 and Web3 brands, including Meama, Sensorium Galaxy, Cryptoslots, Coca-cola, Decentral Games, etc. 

MetaViu has been partnering with MetaGamiMall for two seasons now and Co-hosting the MetaMine Event. In the first season of MetaMine, we've kicked it off big and onboarded Coca-Cola into Decentraland, generating a total of 110 000 impressions on Twitter and receiving more than 90k views from 15 billboards in a single month!

On the second season at the event, with the support of Meta Live Studio, we built exceptional experiences for Meama and provided it with a wide range of services, including an Ad shop, banners, and interactive games. Event guests also have a chance to win exciting prizes such as mythical wearables, wearable hoods, and real-life mugs. We also implemented AI ambassadors dressed in Meama hoodies. This solution of ours is a unique and effective way to build brand awareness. MetaViu also supports Meama on social media and organizes raffles for them.


Embracing the Potential of the Metaverse

As a Web3 brand, we recognize the potential of the Metaverse and are committed to helping businesses embrace this new technology to venture into new territories of brand awareness. The Metaverse is the future of marketing and advertising, and we are delighted to be at the forefront of this revolution. Our partnership with Meama is a perfect example of how physical brands can grip the Metaverse to drive innovation and expand their brand reach. We envision a future where businesses will increasingly embrace the Metaverse as a key platform for creating immersive digital experiences for their audiences.

We are excited to continue exploring the possibilities of the Metaverse and developing captivating encounters for our clients and their audiences. Join us on this journey and let's shape the future of digital experiences together!


April 26, 2023


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