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Coca-Cola Case Study

Campaign details

Brand: Coca-Cola
Lead agency: Promedia, Georgia
Execution: MetaViu
Industries: Carbonated soft drinks
Media channels: Metaverse Events & experiential, Digital Wearables, Brand Ambassadors;

Executive Summary

Advertising in the metaverse has become an exciting new opportunity for major brands to communicate their values without the boundaries of the physical world. This trend continues as international brands like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, and others are joining the race to establish themselves as “Metaversal Brands”.

Digital advertising agency Promedia approached us at Metaviu with their client Coca-Cola, their objective was to extend Coca-Cola’s Christmas communication into the Metaverse in order to spread their happiness through virtual worlds. Naturally, there was no hesitation from our side to get to wor

We assist Advertising agencies and brands in leveraging the metaverse to promote their products and services in different ways, such as billboards scattered around major metaverses like Decentraland, The Sandbox Game, and Somnium Space and partnering with the ImmaDegen VOIDs community to provide clients with specialized Brand Ambassadors (Digital avatars who represent the brand at popular metaverse events, dressed in branded digital merchandise). We ideated a comprehensive campaign around different communities in Decentraland.
Our objective was to reach the most popular places in the Metaverse with Coca-Cola’s campaign and to deliver the message in a different and interactive way.


We set up a billboard campaign, paralleling Coca-Cola’s real-life communication throughout Decentraland, this served as an extension of their existing campaign.

Our partner MetaGami Mall planned an event for metaverse citizens centered around connecting and giving, in the spirit of an upcoming Christmas.

We encouraged all metaverse citizens on Twitter, Discord, and other social media channels to participate in the Christmas giveaway, promising an outstanding experience and claimable wearables.

At the venue, we heavily utilized our latest project — Brand Ambassadors in the Metaverse. They are metaverse citizens walking around in branded digital wearables, spreading the good word about your brand and products.

They were connecting with the guests, talking about interesting topics while rocking Coca-Cola’s digital wearable jumpers.


The campaign proved extremely successful, amassing a total of 110,000 impressions on Twitter.

The Billboards gathered 90,000 views from 15 billboards in 1 month.
Total Person-Times in 7 days = 6,364.

The event ranked second on Decentraland’s charts for the most visited venues that day, exceeding all expectations!

We were flooded with user-generated content while the event was taking place, everyone was loving their new jumpers by Coca-cola, and most importantly, everyone had a lot of fun!

Lessons learned:

Throughout the campaign, we gained valuable insight into how major brands can create captivating, immersive experiences in the web3 space.
We determined that user-generated content is key when creating these activities, as it will create a positive interaction with the desired audience.

Additionally, we realised that there are significant opportunities to spread your communication through metaverses in a cost-effective way, due to the lack of competition and activity, enabling you to reach a broader audience in web3 with an economical marketing budget, and distributing those messages across traditional web2 channels.

We are deeply appreciative of our vast network from the web 3 space for their continual support and collaboration that leads us into a new era of advertising.

For tailored marketing campaigns in Web3, contact us here: https://calendly.com/metaviu/30min

Daddy Phill

January 20, 2023


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