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Lightpaper Vol 2. : MetaViu — Advertising Marketplace for the Metaverse.

MetaViu is an Advertising Marketplace for the Metaverse. We provide landowners with billboard NFTs and an extensive network of brands who are looking to advertise in the metaverse, gain full control over the content displayed on them, and retain most of the revenue generated through ads.

MetaViu Genesis is a 3D NFT Billboard collection that will be available to mint by the end of July 2022. These NFTs can be placed on your virtual land and provide high revenue-sharing model.

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Table of contents:

  • Summary
  • Why Decentralized Advertising
  • The Community
  • Story of a Chained Marketer
  • The World
  • Advertising in the Metaverse
  • Why Now Matters
  • The MetaViu Roadmap
  • Meet The MetaViu Team


Metaverse, blockchain technology, and NFTs are bridging our physical and digital world as never seen before. To gain the early-mover advantage, a couple of companies have jumped on the bandwagon: moving into popular metaverses, opening branches, and purchasing land. It is only a matter of time before others will follow suit.

And to market themselves to new audiences in this new world, they will desire to advertise their products and services.

In conventional markets, these companies purchase ad placements in substantial quantities to achieve ad density both online and offline. Whether the consumer enjoys it or not, ads are everywhere: there is little say about where, when, and what kind of ads they encounter.

It won’t be long before companies start purchasing land solely for ads, some already have. This would be a dangerous development to the metaverses’ philosophy of a decentralized society. Insert MetaViu: our goal is to keep advertising decentralized in the metaverse by avoiding the mistakes which monopolized the current real-world advertising market.

This can only be achieved by decentralizing the advertising market bottom up. MetaViu’s team of experienced entrepreneurs and marketing professionals enable landowners to gain full and effective governance of the advertising market. By owning a piece of the entire advertising market, these people will collectively ensure that no single entity controls the gears of advertising in this decentralized world.

Why Marketplace for the Metaverse

Marketing dictates many aspects of our lives without us often realizing it. They influence our wants and needs more than we can imagine.

Need creation” is a strategy through which consumers are persuaded that a product is not a privilege, but a necessity.

Milk is a great example. We think it is a necessity. But in fact, it’s not.

“Got milk?” and other influential campaigns planted the idea that “you can’t go a single day without milk”. While in fact, this isn’t necessarily healthy.

Companies such as Facebook play a pivotal role in society’s polarization due to their bubble-creating algorithms. They have created an environment where the only factor that matters is the amount of money spent on ads.

MetaViu is the answer to the threat of advertising monopolies by decentralizing and distributing billboards and banners to Individual Landowners, ensuring no single entity holds sole power and control over the advertising market.

Our aim is to offer a new way of advertising in this digital space. Since blockchain technology in itself entails that every user contributes, we think it would only be fitting if we give power to our users and let them dictate the rules of the game.

The Web3 space is still in its infancy, this means that basically anything that is done, is done for the first time. This is what we at MetaViu are all about. Our motivation comes from you, the pioneers of this space.

We want to celebrate, encourage and empower pioneers to move forward, create and shape this new world.
Being first at something means trying things out, failing many times and learning from your mistakes. This contributes to paving the way for others that will follow your stellar example, get encouraged by your bravery and try new things.

The Community

Imagine a community of like-minded people working together, sharing knowledge, and having fun. Everyone has a say on what is displayed on their billboard, which causes they support, and what to restrict.

When our team joined web3, we were all stunned by the love and encouragement that people share here. The sense of community is undeniable. Our community is very diverse — we have builders in web3, professionals working in traditional businesses, youtubers, programmers, doctors, people from every place on earth, you name it.

One thing that unites all of us is that we’re all pioneering here, we all are trying to create something for the first time. Yes we might fail multiple times, yes, we might get discouraged. But the sense of community, support and empowerment moves us forward.

Crypto allows us to detract from powerful entities dictating our everyday life. We can decentralize all elements of life, even those we thought we had no power over.

MetaViu will launch with billboards and banners, but that is just the beginning.

We are creating the very first Advertising Marketplace in Metaverses: a platform giving people both the freedom to utilize their metaverse lands and own the advertising market, with MetaViu acting as an intermediary between landowners and brands.

We want to give power to people to create a more equitable world.

Currently, we can’t influence how companies conduct their marketing. They control advertising placements and money. They dictate marketing rules. They tell us what we should buy, when and for how much.

In metaverses, anything is possible. MetaViu believes that the market, the people, and consumers should dictate the rules of the game. By vastly fractionalizing the advertising market, no single company or entity can hold power over it, truly democratic marketing.

Story of a Chained Marketer:

One of our team members has been fighting a battle his entire professional life. Let’s call them K.

For over 8 years, K has worked in marketing, from top positions in industry-leading companies, to founding his own marketing agency.

Yet, K kept running into roadblocks. The companies that had asked him for help, the people that worked with him, and his immediate bosses, all saw marketing merely as a simple sell.

Everywhere, he encountered the same attitude towards marketing.

But for K, marketing is so much more. It’s not just the simple phrase “buy our product, it’s the best”. For K, marketing should inspire. A marketing campaign should move people, they should experience a wide range of emotions, much like a movie would.

It should make people wonder, reevaluate their choices and celebrate life.

Unfortunately, only a few people share K’s vision. Most merely care about money, resulting in boring, purchase-driven, or attention-grabbing marketing strategies.

K’s idea of the perfect marketing strategy is when each product is advertised as exactly what the end consumer deserves. The start and the end of an ideal marketing strategy is the consumer.

Through the emerging decentralized world, this could actually be possible.

The World

In a world where everything revolves around money, individual consumer needs get lost. People feel powerless against powerful centralized entities, shunning having their voices heard.

As more people start to enter metaverses, companies have no other choice but to get involved as well. Unfortunately, their philosophy likely won’t change. They will come with the same, power-driven attitude.

But the crypto world is different. It is decentralized. And so should be the advertising market. We should dictate the rules in this new world on what we want marketing to look like.

With NFTs enabling us to own parts of the internet, let’s own our wants and needs too.

Advertising in the Metaverse

Most popular metaverses have a limited number of land available for purchase. Most are owned by people. Unless the community votes to add more land for purchase, current popular metaverses will remain having a fixed number.

Landowners can do whatever they want with their land. There are no content limitations or restrictions as of yet. People choose the terms, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) vote for changes, and governance is decentralized.

Different organizations unite landowners, such as the Digital Landowners Society (DLS). They empower, help, and provide landowners with tools to become more independent and build communities. These pioneering DAOs are an example of the power landowners hold in the metaverses.

While in the real-world advertising and marketing create and dictate considerable parts of our lives, in the metaverse people can take the steering wheel into their own hands and dictate the rules of the game.

Landowners have the ability to tighten the grip on companies and corporations alike, restrict them from advertising or ban them from entering their lands. The community understands that they have real, measurable influence.

There is a great opportunity to shape this space and market in a way that benefits all parties involved. This is a difficult task, but we’re here to help. We are committed to create a community where individuals feel compelled to create, try new things and innovate.

It is obvious that the future of advertising is a decentralized marketplace for advertising.

MetaViu Genesis Collection

MetaViu is a platform through which landowners are better equipped to monetize their land. Empowering landowners is one of our main objectives and values. Our platform provides tools that are much needed in today’s vast metaverses.

By the end of July 2022 our team will launch a NFT collection — MetaViu Genesis.
This is a one-time collection, and will consist of 7777 NFTs. It is an extremely limited NFT supply of MetaViu Native billboards. Native NFT holders enjoy more benefits than third-party advertising objects on our platform.

NFT Billboards will come in three shapes: Double, Triple & Quadruple. These are two-sided, three-sided, and four-sided billboards that vary in visual features & effectiveness.

  • Double billboard: two sides to display content
  • Triple billboard: three sides to display content
  • Quadruple: four sides to display content

The more sides to a billboard the more effective advertising, and consequently, the demand from the advertiser’s side.

You can place our 3D NFT billboard on your land and retain the percentage (%) of the revenue generated on that land through ads. Which billboards you get will be revealed after minting, reveal will be randomized.
Each NFT billboard has a different financial model, let’s go through them below:

- If you get a Double billboard — You can claim 87% of the revenue generated on your land at the end of each day, directly in USDC.
- If you get a Triple billboard — You can claim 91% of the revenue.
- If you get a Quadruple billboard — You can claim 95% of the revenue

Billboards will be available to be minted through our website — https://metaviu.io.

Mint price: WL — 0.05ETH; Public mint: 0.07ETH;

You can mint up to 30 NFTs with your MetaMask wallet.

You can already check visual features of our billboards on our website or on our land in Decentraland (-64, -128).

Since we are striving to be a marketplace for advertising in metaverses, it wouldn’t be fair to lock the platform only for MetaViu NFTs. That’s why, you are able to list any other 3rd party Advertising Object that you might have on our platform, and get revenue from it. Just like you would with our native NFT billboards.

For example, if you own some other advertising object and have it installed on your land, you can list it on the platform to get ads on that object as well.
In this case, 85% of the revenue generated on that object stays with you.

Additionally (and this is where things get tricky), if you already own other advertising object that’s placed on your land, by owning our NFT, you increase the revenue sharing model on that object.


Let’s say you own some other billboard and have it on your land, and it runs ads.
If you connect it to our platform we will supply it with paying advertisers right away,
but also… By just having our NFT in your wallet, your non-native object now gets the same percentage (%) of the ad revenue as our native NFT billboard would!

You just connect your third party object to our platform and it starts generating ad revenue.
So, you own 5 Triple NFT billboards from us, but instead, you want your own billboards to be placed on your land. You place 5 non-native billboards and you still get 91% of the total ad revenue, instead of 85%! This is because you have 5 of our NFTs in your wallet, which means you get to claim 91% of the ad revenue on any 5 billboards that you want. Be it our native NFT billboards or any other third party advertising object. If you put more billboards than you have our NFTs in your wallet, those additional ones will generate 85%. So if you’re a holder of our NFTs, you still get more value even with third-party advertising objects.

With a team of experienced professionals, we feel confident that we have what it takes to bring quality brands and crypto projects into the metaverse who are ready to advertise on your billboards. All of us at the MetaViu team have vast experience in our respective fields, including in sales, marketing, IT management, and R&D. This ensures an in-stream of companies and projects ready-to-pay for your advertising spaces.

In addition to this utility, you become a partial owner of the platform. This means that you own a piece of the advertising world in metaverses. This has far-reaching implications and benefits, since the metaverse as a concept is evolving and becoming more relevant every day.

The MetaViu project was founded by Nodo, CEO of WiFisher.
For full transparency, we’d like to tell you a little bit about it.
WiFisher, as you can guess by the name, is a WiFi Marketing Solutions Company for Offline Businesses.
It has been connecting advertisers to offline business owners for more than 7 years now.
With WiFisher’s services, you can display ads in offline venues like cafes, restaurants, airports and many other locations around the world.
You can see the list of countries we operate in on the website — wifisher.com;
Our prominent business partners include international and local companies from around the world.
Our founder Nodo has been leading and investing in tech startups for more than 12 years. His vision is to bring our experience into the virtual world and create a cross-metaversal advertising marketplace.

Why Now matters

Interest in metaverses from leading corporations, VCs, and institutional investors is continually growing. Others will quickly realize metaverses’ potential prompting them to secure their place in this new relevant space, pouring tons of resources in to gain the upper hand. Needless to say, soon might be too late.

The time which landowners currently have to get a hold of the advertising market is limited.

But the community has the ability to build and secure a truly decentralized and equitable advertising market that treats its members equally. One in which the community’s needs and wants aren’t dictated, but one where they are at the forefront.

We want to build a community of landowners sharing knowledge and supporting each other.

Our team ensures an in-stream of companies, announcing partnerships and advertising opportunities in our Discord and community platforms. As mentioned, all individual landowners will have the freedom to choose advertising content and pricing through their user platform. As such, we avoid company dictatorship, and any unwanted streaming.

The MetaViu Roadmap

Our Roadmap explains how we plan to develop MetaViu in the coming quarters. What we want to achieve, how we move forward, and what our vision will be in the future, this all depends on you, the landowner.

This is your land, your space, and your community. The MetaViu team is only here to facilitate communication, to ensure everyone gets a say, and help you monetize your placements efficiently.


Developing the Platform Structure & Usability

To ensure seamless platform performance, the majority of the first quarter of 2022 focuses on developing the structure for both parties (individual landowners & advertisers)
We collaborate with a highly experienced and tech-savvy team of designers and experience makers, developers, and visionaries to create a user-friendly flow.


Launch MetaViu Platform Beta

Our objective is to launch the Beta version of our platform at the end of Q2 2022. This will ensure that we are live and ready to interact with landowners and future interest parties alike.

Initiate Active Marketing Campaigns

The MetaViu team will launch marketing campaigns to attract potential buyers for placed 3D billboards, as well as attract new landowners. Our aim is to reach 8k Discord members by the end of Q2–2022.


MetaViu Genesis Collection Drop

7777 NFTs are available to mint at https://metaviu.io/

Decentraland integrated into MetaViu Platform

Decentraland landowners can host MetaViu 3D NFT billboards on their land.

Final Version of the Platform

Launch the final version of the Platform in Q3 of 2022 after taking into consideration the feedback of users.

The Sandbox and Somnium Space integrated into MetaViu Platform

MetaViu 3D NFT billboards are available in additional 2 metaverses — The Sandbox and Somnium Space. Owners of lands in these metaverses can also mint and host MetaViu billboards.

Bring in initial advertisers to the MetaViu platform

First sales from the buyers’ side initiated


Have at least 1k Landowners on the Platform

Increase in community members, advertisers, profits, and trust. With the help and feedback of the community, we plan to attract more Landowners to our Platform. This will ensure they use the platform with ease and get utility from their land.

Reach 2,000+ ad sales on the platform

Benefitting landowners with financial, as well as experiential benefits to move forward.

Add more metaverses onto the MetaViu platform

By Q4 of 2022, we will integrate additional metaverses on the platform

Continue to innovate via partnerships, advertiser relationships, and supporting digital landowners

Attract more and better brand deals & partnership opportunities for our individual Landowners. With more advertisers moving onto the platform there will be more options created for everyone, based on industry, price, and preferability.

Meet The MetaViu Team

Nodo — Team Lead

With 10+ years of experience in the advertising business, including founding and managing 4 tech startups, Nodar is the visionary leader of the project. He is excited to bring decentralization into the advertising market through MetaViu.

Vakho — Tech Lead, Smart Contracts

Vakhtang is an experienced software and Blockchain developer, technology visionary and problem solver. He has 10+ years of experience in building core backend systems for companies in the US and Europe.

Eliso — UX /UI Design

Eliso has 7+ years of experience in product design, E-Commerce, UI & UX design, web, mobile, service application and FinTech sectors. Eliso prides herself on her creative problem-solving skills. With her 360 experience in design and curiosity for platforming new solutions, she adds innovative perspectives to our team.

David — Advisor

David is an active member of the Ethereum community and leads the Digital Landowners Society (DLS) since 2021 (DLS members own hundreds of lands in leading metaverses such as The Sandbox and Decentraland).

Daddy Phill

July 21, 2022


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