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MetaViu x Utahpolitician bring the FIRST ever political campaign in the Metaverse!

January Walker also known as The Blockchain Candidate from the state of Utah is campaigning for the US Congress. She is known in the Web3 space as @utahpolitician and has made quite a name championing for blockchain in the government.

January believes Web3 is a tool that will radically improve government processes, help economic stabilization, and restore the peoples trust in US government in ways they haven’t experienced in decades. She’s running to represent Utah’s 4th congressional district. She works in Cybersecurity in the Digital Identity space & is pioneering Self Sovereign Identity innovation in the private sector.

January is determined to end misinformation about this innovative sector and has been attending numerous Twitter Spaces leading up to her mint. That’s right, to support her cause, January is offering a web3-native way for her supporters.

You can mint one of her 4 NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. These help raise funds to represent web3, make its voice heard in Washington and participate in the political system.

Recently, January teamed up with MetaViu the first advertising marketplace in the metaverse. They run ads on billboards across multiple metaverse platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox Game. It is a unique way of advertising enabling decentralization and individual ownership.

With the help of MetaViu they officially broadcasted the FIRST ever political ad into the Metaverse. This marks the first time in history any politician entered and campaigned in any metaverse. A very fitting step for the blockchain advocate from Utah.

The team behind MetaViu is very excited with the partnership. As web3 grows in popularity, more brands are going to need representation through advertising in the metaverse. MetaViu is there to help, acting as a marketplace for all advertising objects in this space.

You can learn more about @utahpolitician and her campaign here: poplme.co/UMOERkqi/share

And if you’re interested in advertising in the metaverse, visit MetaViu’s website at: https://metaviu.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/meta_viu


August 29, 2022


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