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Sensorium Galaxy Case Study

Brand: Sensorium Galaxy

Industry: Music and entertainment, VR

Campaign Goal: To increase awareness of this Metaverse among the Web3 native society

Execution: MetaViu

Media channels: Twitter, Linkedin, Discord, Metaverse Event & experiential, Digital wearables.

Dates: April 7 - May 7

Executive Summery

Metaverse advertising has become increasingly relevant, and making a clever move by strategically leveraging this technology is crucial. Web2 and Web3 brands are realizing the power of immersive experiences in virtual worlds to connect with their audiences and craft truly unique experiences.

Sensorium Galaxy, the first AI-driven metaverse, oriented on music and entertainment, understands the vast marketing opportunities that the virtual reality presents. Their objective was to raise awareness among the web3 native people, tapping into the growing potential of this digital realm.

To achieve Sensorium Galaxy's goals, we strategically onboarded them in one of the largest metaverses, Decentraland. They became a premium sponsor for one of the most dynamic events in the metaverse. They also provided the event with their music expertise to generate interest and fascination surrounding Sensorium Galaxy.



By seamlessly incorporating Sensorium Galaxy into the MetaMine event, we aimed to raise awareness about our client through the creation of an immersive experience, leaving a lasting impression and cultivating a deeper connection with web3 native individuals.

We began preparations for the event well in advance, ensuring that everything was in place before it kicked off. As part of our efforts, we created a branded ad shop and designed exclusive wearables for Sensorium Galaxy, adding a touch of uniqueness to the experience. Additionally, we planned various types of Twitter raffles, creating excitement and anticipation To further enhance the immersion, we organized an exclusive Sensor Party within the  world of Decentraland

Before The Event

We strategically designed branded ad shops featuring captivating Sensorium Galaxy visuals accompanied by meaningful messages and useful social media links. These ad shops served as powerful platforms for engagement, providing guests with an opportunity to explore and learn more about Sensorium Galaxy with just one click.

To amplify our client and increase brand exposure, we strategically positioned Sensorium Galaxy billboards in high-traffic areas. These carefully chosen locations served as prime spots to capture people's attention and raise awarness.

To generate excitement and foster a sense of exclusivity, we carefully crafted two types of wearables for Sensorium Galaxy: the mythical limited collection and the hoodie. These wearables served as a powerful means to promote the brand, increase awareness, and ignite a sense of anticipation among enthusiasts. The demand for Sensorium's wearables was exceptional, with numerous individuals eager to acquire these one-of-a-kind items. In results all the Sensorium Galaxy wearables were claimed.

During the Event

We orchestrated a truly remarkable experience by organizing a personalized Senso Party that spanned an incredible 24 hours. This exclusive event drew in a crowd of approximately 300 attendees, all eager to partake in the festivities. With Sensorium providing the captivating music, the atmosphere was set for an unforgettable celebration.

To foster active engagement and encourage greater involvement, we implemented a variety of Twitter raffles, creating excitement and incentivizing participation. These raffles provided an opportunity for individuals to win exclusive Sensorium Galaxy rewards, sparking enthusiasm and generating buzz both within and beyond the metaverse.


This strategic integration not only showcased the potential of combining multiple metaverses but also emphasized the growing importance of web3 and virtual reality in the digital landscape. By pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, we demonstrated the immense possibilities that lie ahead for immersive experiences and marketing strategies in the digital realm. Overall, our successful integration of Sensorium Galaxy into Decentraland stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technologies for impactful marketing initiatives.

Daddy Phill

June 30, 2023


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