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Two Metaverses Converge: Metaviu Welcomes Sensorium Galaxy to Decentraland

The rise of Web3 and Metaverse marketing has led to Metaverse platforms becoming the new frontier for businesses and brands. They offer new and innovative ways to communicate with audiences, host events, and enhance company's marketing campaigns. As a pioneer in the industry, MetaViu is constantly expanding its services to include innovative marketing techniques such as billboard marketing, AI avatars, Metaverse and Web3 advertising, digital merch, and more.

Recently, MetaViu in collaboration with Meta GamiMall, onboarded Sensorium Galaxy on to the Decentraland Metaverse. This, in turn, provides a new perspective on brand building within the Metaverse, and where the collaboration between Metaverses can lead.

Sensorium Galaxy is a Metaverse offering users a unique and immersive way to experience virtual entertainment. The platform features a lineup of superstar artists, including David Guetta, Carl Cox and Armin van Buuren, who will be taking the stage of PRISM world for a series of VR concerts.. 

Other spaces include the Sensorium Starship, a portal to the metaverse’s wider experiences, and a world dedicated to self-discovery and spirituality - MOTION. Recently, Sensorium Galaxy entered public playtest and revealed its global vision for the future of the metaverse

The partnership between MetaViu, Meta GamiMall, and Sensorium Galaxy began in March,  and is aimed to increase awareness of this Metaverse among the Web3 native society. 

To achieve this goal, we participated in the MetaMine Event organized by Meta GamiMall, one of the biggest and most important gatherings in the Decentraland Metaverse, and made Sensorium Galaxy the premium sponsor and music provider for the event.

We built various experiences for Sensorium Galaxy, including ad shops, billboards, wearables, Twitter raffles, social media support, and a one-day-long Senso Party for community members  who gathered and took part in different activities. With active participation from MetaGamiMall, we managed to leave a lasting impression on guests, and create an event that won’t soon be forgotten.

This collaboration between MetaViu and Sensorium Galaxy in Decentraland marks an exciting development in the world of Web3 and Metaverse marketing. Onboarding Sensorium Galaxy on to Decentraland represents a major step forward for cross-platform integration, collaboration, and innovation. This move is significant for the industry, as it shows that Metaverses are connecting with each other more and more, providing various immersive experiences for users. Collaboration between Metaverse platforms benefits the industry, and creates more accessibility.

We believe this is the way of structuring Web3.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture!

Daddy Phill

May 11, 2023


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